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Memory Lane Museum: The immersive experience remembering the Red Army

The Memory Lane Museum Complex remembers the accomplishments of the Soviet Red Army with a uniquely immersive and interactive museum experience and a size and scope like no other. Reece Webb finds out how immersive AV can bring history to life with state-of-the-art audience engagement.

Luxury audio at the Edelweiss Hotel

Integrator K-E-B accomplished an extraordinary feat of integration at the Edelweiss Hotel in the Bavarian Alps, providing the equipment, IT system and security in a robust and reliable package for guests to enjoy at the luxurious mountain-side hotel. Reece Webb finds out more.

Comprehensive control at the Rose Shure Experience Centre

Intelligent audio, control and digital signage combine at Shure’s new UK experience centre to provide a comprehensive experience for visitors and staff alike that focuses on ease of use and flexibility. Reece Webb finds out more.