Wyrestorm launches 4K HDMI KVM extender over IP at ISE 2024

Wyrestorm has debuted its first IP-based 4K KVM extender system, the EX-100-KVM-IP, designed for use in corporate settings with high-resolution displays that require effective communication tools.

The EX-100-KVM-IP can communicate 4K30Hz video, as well as multi-channel audio and USB 2.0 between the transmitter and the receiver over a regular 1Gb Ethernet network with less than 1ms of latency.

The transmitter and receiver are configured to operate and communicate with minimal setup, patching the CAT cable to the Ethernet switch and connecting to the source, display and HID devices.

Four-pin DIP switch settings are configurable for enabling up to 16 extender sets to work in the same network.

The extender can be paired with an installation and application such as a wall mount option for use in environments such as offices, gaming arcades, classrooms and command centres.

The EX-100-KVM-IP will be available from March 2024.  

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