Toshiba brings 55” of glasses-free 3D to market

Toshiba has launched a glasses-free 3D TV at IFA in Berlin amidst rumours that models could hit the shelves in December 2011. The move comes after initial teething troubles with sales of 12” and 20” glasses-free TVs in Japan earlier this year. The new ZL2 model uses face tracking technology to deliver 3D images to up to nine viewers without glasses.

The images are delivered through a combination of Toshiba’s display technologies and Cevo Engine multi-core processing platform. It also includes a quad full HD display, offering up to 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution. The enables the 3D viewing to be experienced by multiple viewers and can display 2D content in four times full HD resolution.

Toshiba has used the stereoscopic principle of simultaneously delivering a picture for the left eye and another one, with a small offset (parallex) for the right-eye to achieve the 3D effect. To deliver glasses-free 3D image and experience, a range of lenticular lenslets guide the dedicated images to each viewer.