Sound report warns of health threats from bad acoustic design

Every day we are subjected to unsafe levels of sound, according to a report published by Biamp Systems and audio expert, Julian Treasure.

‘Building in Sound’ argues that everyday noise levels regularly exceed World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommended levels draws links between excessive noise and poor acoustics, ill-health, distraction and loss of productivity.

The report looks to solutions and draws on a number of audio specialists to provide best-practice advice on an application basis.

It calls for an integrated approach to acoustic design that incorporates cutting edge sound technology with a more thoughtful approach to architectural design and construction.

Treasure believes that health and productivity have been put at risk because of an "obsession with how things look."

"This isn’t a call for silence, but an appeal to start considering the effects poorly managed sound can have," added Graeme Harrison, vice president of marketing at Biamp Systems.