Pioneer launches new speakers

Pioneer launches new speakers
Pioneer has made forays into the professional AV industry with the launch of speakers developed in collaboration with Gary Stewart Audio and Powersoft.

The flagship series of the Pioneer speakers includes two series of passive speakers, the GS-Wave series and the XY series.

The GS-Wave is intended to be used as floor stacks. It is equipped with a multi-fold horn sub-woofer with a large horn extension as well as two high-powered mid-range speakers. This hardware enables it to handle a wide range of audio frequencies. An acoustic lens with 110 degree dispersion makes sure the speakers can be heard.

On the other hand the XY series has a more compact size and are designed to be used as booth monitors or PA speakers in smaller rooms. The XY series also offers a wide array of rigging options for the purposes of installation.

Pioneer’s loudspeakers are primarily targeted at fulfilling the role of a music system at clubs and premises with music. The Booom Ibiza club will becomes the first to use the new Pioneer speaker system when it opens its doors on the 15th of July 2014.

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