NEXT-proaudio expands logistics operations

Logistics NEXT

NEXT-proaudio is supporting its growth with the opening of a new logistics centre that will operate as an extension to the factory in Porto, Portugal.

Adopting 3 new automatic logistics software (online interactive platform, Internal logistic software NXT and an automatic packing optimisation software) all based on the 4.0 technology, the new logistic centre will significantly increase the available space, flexibility and efficiency of the company’s warehousing and all the domestic and international operations.

The logistics platform project was managed by NEXT-proaudio and provides 1000 square metres of floor space for warehousing and logistics. The new Logistics Centre is located in Porto, 10km away from the main Port and Airport, making the transports and logistics even easier and more convenient.

On the same building there is still space for a big open space office comprising sales, marketing, and logistics control centre.

A key investment was an automated software NXT that manages all the orders and stablish a link between the Factory, the Logistics and Sales Team. This allows the company to minimize errors, improve quality and productivity from the production until the final customer.

This logistics centre is already prepared for the new brand that will be launch soon, NEXT Audiocom.