Modulo Pi launches eShop ’‹

Modulo Pi launches eShop  ’‹
Modulo Pi has opened its online eShop, providing dongle, software licenses and accessories to support designers and technicians for daily projects and workflow.

Available licenses include Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic Designer licenses with the option for offline programming, allowing operators to pre-program projects from PCs without connecting to a media server. Pre-programming work can be saved for future use and transferred to a media server as needed.

Monthly subscription plans are available for Modulo Kinetic Designer 2D+3D, with the license providing access to some Modulo Kinetic tools such as project study and simulation, interactive VR and creation of generative and interactive content based on the media server’s 3D particles engine.

A discount code is available: MKI-1OFF, which allows one month of Kinetic Designer 2D+3D for free, valid until 10 May 2020 for the purchase of a Modulo Pi dongle and a Modulo Player Lite and/or Kinetic Designer 2D license as well as a Kinetic Designer 2D+3D license.

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