Mediwave introduces mixed-reality EMT response system

Mediwave introduces mixed-reality EMT response system
Mediwave has introduced MediRescue, a system which incorporates 5G and AR/VR technology to expand the medical emergency dispatch process.

MediRescue’s emergency response management system provides medical information for care and initial response information. The system can work with smart watches, triggering an alert which is sent to Mediwave’s connected device emergency notification platform and triggering the MediRescue system.

A Mediwave agent can intercept the alert, pinpoint the location of the emergency and dispatch an ambulance via the platform. The system shares the patient’s information with the on-call driver and paramedics onboard the ambulance.

Equipped with a VR headset, paramedics can connect with a doctor remotely via an immersive video link, while obtaining real-time diagnostic data such as ECG, blood pressure and more. This information can be displayed on the AR interface and transmitted back to the connected doctor, offering an immersive treatment option to assess the patient’s condition.

If further treatment is required, the most suitable hospital location can be sent to the system, along with up-to-date information on the patient’s condition.

The system is envisaged for use in medical environments, in-flight scenarios and more.

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