Google to partner with integrators for handsfree hotel stays

Google to partner with integrators for handsfree hotel stays
Google has announced that it is aiming to partner with systems integrators to bring Google Nest Hub smart controllers to hotels for handsfree hotel stays to prevent touching surfaces during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tom Franklin, product manager, Google, explained: “From a Nest Hub smart display set up in each hotel room, hotels can tailor the guest experience with Google to specifically address common service requests from guests through a simple voice command. So you can say things like “Hey Google, schedule a wakeup call,” or “Hey Google, ask my hotel for extra towels,” or “Hey Google, what time does the pool close?” and get answers immediately. 

“At some hotels, you can also start a fast check out using Google Assistant when your stay is over so you don’t have to stand in line. For hotels, this ensures fast turnover for the next guest. Google Assistant can even surface a mid-stay survey to gauge satisfaction level, and the hotel is notified if something is going poorly. Hotels can even promote current or upcoming specials by providing a summary when you ask “Hey Google, tell me about the specials.” 

Google is working with systems integrators including Volara and Sonifi and aims to partner with additional systems integrators. 

The company has partnered with hotels of various sizes to bring the Nest Hub experience to a range of hotels in the US and eslewhere, working with Village Hotels in the UK with additional hotel partnerships to be announced in the near future. 

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