Google leaks intention to develop modular TVs

Google leaks intention to develop modular TVs
Modular display tiles that could be clipped together to create screens of various sizes and shapes have been mooted by Google. The company’s Google X division - a unit that looks at advanced technology concepts and is responsible for the company’s driverless cars, Project Glass (leading to Google Glass) and a drone delivery project - leaked details of the concept to the Wall Street Journal.

According to reports Mary Lou Jepsen, who has worked on display technologies before, is leading the project, which is said to involve Samsung and Qualcomm.

With details scarce it is not clear how Google intends to create displays that can handle the varying content requirements for different sized or shaped units.

The technology giant also says it is looking to create bezel-less screens. This would be a huge development as established display manufacturers have achieved incredibly thin but not non-existent bezels.

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