Florence nightclub upgrades audio system with K-array

Florence nightclub upgrades audio system with K-array
Tenax, a fixture of the underground club scene in Florence, recently underwent an audio upgrade with the installation of a new sound system from K-array.

Boasting 43 years of continuous activity and a star-studded roster of performers including the likes of Daft Punk, Ben Harper, and Dream Theater, Tenax required a system that would live up to the club’s reputation whilst honouring the requirements for low frequencies in a built-up urban area.

The team at K-array worked directly with the in-house technicians at Tenax to design and implement the updated system. “Our headquarters are located just outside of Florence city, so we have strong connections with the nightclub and with the underground music culture that has evolved from Tenax over the decades,” explains Daniel Strasserra, global business development manager at K-array. “Whilst a key goal was to gain control over the audio and alleviate neighbourhood concerns, we were also tasked with designing a system that would do justice to the performances of the the best DJs in the business.”

The main room at Tenax, located on the ground floor, required a system that would deliver audio with clarity and precision. Through collaboration with the Tenax in-house team, K-array recommended a large-scale system including 16 Mugello-KH3 tops and 20 Thunder-KS4 subs, powered by three Kommander-KA208 amplifiers.

To mitigate noise pollution, 16 of the Thunder-KS4 subs have been strategically positioned in front of the sound booth to concentrate low frequencies in the centre of the dancefloor, leaving the side walls and adjoining buildings with minimal disruption. Additionally, the Mugello-KH3 tops are arranged in four clusters of four, enhancing sound dispersion and ensuring an immersive experience for dance-floor goers.

The DJ booth monitoring system features four Thunder-KMT21 subs and six Dragon-KX12 tops configured in a left-centre-right format. This configuration, initially requested by techno legend Jeff Mills, has since become the standard for monitoring systems in the main room.

"The results have garnered high praise from both the Tenax owners and by the many international artists who perform in the booth,” says Strasserra. “Importantly, the main room upgrade has been much appreciated by the neighbours, who no longer need to suffer from noise pollution on club nights.”

On the first floor, dubbed “The Tube", audio is delivered through two Thunder-KMT218 subs, four Dragon-KX12 tops and two Python-KP52s for delay coverage. Despite its small size "The Tube" has earned a reputation as the "sweet spot" of the club thanks to the powerful sound reinforcement that ensures a truly immersive clubbing experience.

Like most modern nightclubs, Tenax offers several VIP areas. These areas, designated for private parties, have also been equipped with K-array and KGEAR audio solutions. VIP tables on the ground floor are installed with three GH12 loudspeakers from KGEAR, which take care of refreshing the mid-hi audio from the system in the main room, whilst Golden Tables on the first floor are reinforced with Kobra-KK50 tops and 3 KN10S subs.

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