Electrosonic and Igloo Vision partner to create innovation engine

Electrosonic and Igloo Vision partner to create innovation engine
Electrosonic, and Igloo Vision, the shared immersive space company, have announced a partnership aimed at creating a global collaborative innovation engine primed to deliver experiences and tools to business enterprises.

The two companies are working together to create inclusive, engaging experiences for all workers in the workplace through their innovative technologies that will allow customers around the world to have meaningful work done efficiently while also being happy at what they do each day.

Through the combined strengths of their global collaboration and shared immersive space solution, Electrosonic and Igloo Vision will exponentially increase productivity for businesses.

This global partnership is primed to deliver innovative offerings that do not currently exist in the market through integrations with leading collaboration systems. Coupled with a global support model, this partnership provides enterprises with a simplified approach to delivering immersive environments.

The companies' shared vision is one of improving the way people work and live by providing powerful tools with immersive experiences across all kinds of workspaces: from flexible workplaces like co-working spaces or any retail environment to permanent spaces that need new ways to engage employees.

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