Covid challenges remain biggest obstacle for enterprises says Kinly research

Covid challenges remain biggest obstacle for enterprises says Kinly research
New research from Kinly says that nearly half of enterprises surveyed have AV tech from the pandemic that still needs to be replaced in 2024.

Four years since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in EMEA, Kinly’s new research identifies backlogs and unresolved issues from Covid-19 as the top challenge facing enterprise in 2024, with a third (29%) of AV professionals agreeing.

Kinly’s new survey, Trusted Connections 2024, also identified that 41% of respondents need to completely replace the AV systems that were installed during lockdown, an increase from a quarter of respondents (23%) who reported the same issue in the 2023 survey.

Almost half of all (425 respondents) enterprise AV professions working in the UK, Germany, Nordics and the Netherlands surveyed (46%) are set to remove and replace outdated AV technology that was installed prior to the pandemic, indicating a shift towards modernising AV infrastructure to meet the changing needs of workplaces in 2024.

Investments are being directed towards the renewal of old technology, with priorities including network infrastructure (42%), remote support (35%), and unified communications and collaboration software (33%).

Half of respondents (49%) reported that they have had their AV budgets reduced in 2024, with 62% tasked with achieving more with less.

Two thirds (66%) of AV teams now have an established AV plan in place for future pandemics, with three quarters (75%) of respondents saying that a clearly defined workplace communications strategy is in place for 2024.

Tom Martin, CEO, Kinly, commented: “Our Trusted Connections 2024 report highlights not just the lingering challenges from the pandemic, but also the resilience and adaptability of the AV industry. The need to overhaul and update the technology infrastructure installed during the pandemic — even in the face of budget constraints — reflects enterprises’ determination to prioritise modernisation and demonstrates a deep commitment to future-proofing our workplaces.

“But of course, there is a balance to be struck. When talking about future proofing and embracing new innovations, we have to address the elephant in the room: sustainability. That’s why it’s essential that we integrate principles of the circular economy when disposing of old technology, ensuring our advancements contribute not just to technological progress, but to environmental stewardship. This holistic approach facilitates us to foster the robust, scalable, and adaptable technology we need without sacrificing the planet.”#

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