Christie projectors deliver captivating visuals at Museum X

Christie projectors deliver captivating visuals at Museum X
Christie has announced its HS Series and Inspire Series 1DLP laser projectors are illuminating immersive exhibition spaces throughout Museum X, a new interactive museum that combines digital media art and technology.

Located in the northeastern coastal city of Sokcho, South Korea, this exhibition venue is known as an “immersive new media playground”.

Since its official opening in August, Museum X has emerged as a popular destination for both locals and tourists. Spanning 1,750 square metres (18,836 square feet), the venue is divided into four zones and 16 experiential facilities where visitors can explore bright and colorful exhibits.

Christie’s partner, SNC Alliance, supplied 34 laser projectors including the Christie 4K7-HS, which features 4K UHD resolution, along with Inspire Series DWU760-iS and DWU960-iS models. They were strategically installed across the venue by the local systems integrator, Ten Square.

Visuals and artworks created by Xorbis come to life within various exhibition zones. In the ‘Ensemble’ zone, a fusion of artificial intelligence and art unfolds, inviting visitors to immerse themselves inside a media cocoon where their digital drawings are magically brought to life illuminated by eight Christie DWU760-iS projectors.

Eight Christie 4K7-HS and DWU960-iS laser projectors, discreetly installed, heighten the overall experience and transport visitors into fantasy realms with hyper-realistic imagery of magnificent skies and underwater worlds.

In the ‘Symphony’ zone, visitors seated on a huge bench are transported into a dreamy and mysterious atmosphere that highlights urban and natural landscapes across Korea. Achieved through spectacular projections, six different themes come to life with 18 DWU760-iS laser projectors installed overhead. 

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