AMX powers space satellite control room update to monitor weather and climate change

AMX powers space satellite control room update to monitor weather and climate change
European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) worked with SWiCA and Harman distributor Audio Pro Heilbronn Elektroakustik to upgrade its LEO Mission Control Centre with an AVoIP system.

SWiCA, an installation and consulting company, installed a range of AMX touch panels, controllers, and AVoIP end points and platform to maintain communication in the LEO control room. The control room operates satellites to monitor the weather and climate change in Europe.

The control centre is divided into six oval-shaped work islands that serve as remote command centres dedicated to individual satellite programs. Each work island is equipped with 20 computer screens, four loudspeakers, six gooseneck microphones and two AMX Modero Series touch panels. SWiCA used AMX N1000 Series encoders and decoders to design a switching solution that allows operators to control each five different computers.

The IP-based signal distribution in the LEO Mission Control Centre is run with products from AMX. An AMX Netlinx NX3200 serves as the primary controller in the LEO MCC, while two NX1200 are assigned to each oval, which spreads the workload and ensures that an entire oval does not fail in the event of a defect. As the web-based control centre of the SVSI system, the AMX video controller N8002 provides a single point of control for the AMX video devices and a web UI for manual switching. The video controller detects and manages all devices connected within the system.

EUMETSAT, is the European operational satellite agency for monitoring weather, climate and the environment from space. Data produced from EUMETSAT's satellites is used for weather forecasting and to monitor the environment and climate change. SWiCA has previously worked with EUMETSAT to upgrade the GEO control room.

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