Review of Symetrix Radius 12x8 digital signal processor

Radius by Symetrix is a 12×8, Dante- networkable, fixed I/O, open- architecture digital signal processor expanding the SymNet platform. 

Radius may be installed as a standalone processor or used in conjunction with SymNet Edge or third party Dante network-enabled devices to achieve the scalability and flexibility needed to meet the specifications of both simple and complex installations.

Where would you use this product?

We’d use this in installations such as conference rooms or stadiums. We’d take inputs from different rooms and output these to different audience areas. We could also select which inputs are being used to suit different times of day or whatever a particular event requires. We’d generally have some light switch-sized remote control panels for volume control – an idiot-proof interface for choosing your source and the volume. It could also be used for something like a theatre where you’ve only got one source but you might need to split the output for different parts of the PA and to be able equalise and delay different parts of the PA independently. In that sort of environment it’s nice to have a box that is configured via software and you can just leave it and there are no knobs on the front for people to mess around with. You could also use it as a basic PA unit – or on a stand at an exhibition where you have various different plasma screens, sets of speakers, iPods and other sources and this was hidden away in the background just routing everything.

To read the full review, including limitations of the product and where it has been used, open the free, digital edition of InAVate here.

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