Prysm installation at American Eagle Outfitters

Retail shop, American Eagle Outfitters has chosen Prysm’s Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) videowall technology for its flagship shop in Manhattan’s SoHo district. Multiple, seven-foot tall videowall displays are arranged around the 24,000 square-foot shop.

At the core of the Prysm LPD display solution is a 25” diagonal building block. Solid-state lasers deliver an image that is viewable from nearly a 180° angle, while using up to 75% less power than traditional backlit or projection technology-based products.

In the store, there are three columns in the main entrance working as both window displays and in-store branding. And, four columns are presented at the escalator gateways, guiding customers to each level of the shop.

Amit Jain, CEO of Prysm, said: “With increased competition and changing customer behaviour, retailers today are adapting and evolving their brands to stand out above the crowd. Prysm’s 25” panels are designed to be completely bezel-less, with a seam gap of just 0.2mm.”

Dana Corey, vice president of sales at Prysm, said: “American Eagle Outfitters marks our first retail installation, so serving them is an important milestone for the company as we ramp up our business.”

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