Case Studies

Schindler offers vision of the future

Lift manufacturer Schindler’s new immersive showroom highlights the cities of the future. Limitations of space forced the design team to get very creative. Paul Milligan speaks to those involved.

National Gallery of Denmark creates auditorium to show digital artworks

A small yet highly specified auditorium is added to the heart of the National Gallery of Denmark. Anna Mitchell visits the Copenhagen institution to learn more.

Time to play at On Air

Audio and video have combined to create On Air, which recreates a realistic tv game show experience in Sweden. Paul Milligan looks at how it was done.

Collaboration innovation at Abcam's global HQ

Collaboration, smart meetings and one of the largest NVX and Q-Sys deployments come together seamlessly at the heart of an Inavation Award winning global headquarters. Reece Webb finds out what makes this huge project prosper.

Luxury automation at The Forge gym, Monaco

The Forge, a luxury private gym in Monaco is stepping up its game with a new control and audio system to bring a slice of home automation and luxury that its high-end customers are accustomed to in a commercial environment. Reece Webb explores.

Inavation Award winner: Singapore’s Bicentennial Experience ’˜breaks the mould’

Hurrairah bin Sohail finds out how the parties involved in creating the Bicentennial Experience strove to move away from the conventions that dictate the staging of historical, museum exhibitions and create an experience that won an Inavation Award.