Studio Time: Creating the Turkuvaz Media Center

The creation of Turkey’s biggest media complex took its design inspiration from across Europe.

Located in the heart of Istanbul, the new Turkuvaz Media Center is now the country’s biggest media complex. The Media Center includes a TV block and a printing block and is an area of 50,000 square metres that includes 160,000 sq m of production space. Turkuvaz Media Group has nine TV channels (including the flagship ATV) and four radio stations, with twelve 12-metre-tall studios measuring from 200 sq m to 1,500 sq m in size, and five 6-metre-tall studios between 100 to 350 sq m in the TV complex.  The TV buildings also house ten studio control rooms, six producing in 4K and four in HD. The AV for the project was split across different system integrators, with ASF handling lighting, rigging and audio, and Radikal Elektronik and Teratek installing different broadcast elements. Before the Media Center was built the company was spread across different parts of Istanbul, so a decision was made by management to relocate the whole operation. ASF was involved at the very beginning