Case Studies

Establishing a global standard at Ninety One

A move to a big new central London HQ would be a challenging enough project without throwing a global pandemic and a company demerger into the mix. Paul Milligan speaks to the consultant involved in pulling it all together.

Sound and vision at the Saatchi Gallery in London

A new David Bowie exhibition at London's Saatchi Gallery is using cutting-edge LED technology to draw fans in. Paul Milligan speaks to the integrator involved.

Memory Lane Museum: The immersive experience remembering the Red Army

The Memory Lane Museum Complex remembers the accomplishments of the Soviet Red Army with a uniquely immersive and interactive museum experience and a size and scope like no other. Reece Webb finds out how immersive AV can bring history to life with state-of-the-art audience engagement.

Using audio to create 5-star hostels at Combo in Italy

A new chain of upmarket hostels is using high-end audio to lure visitors in to three locations across Italy. Paul Milligan speaks to those tasked with designing and delivering the projects.

How versatility defines The Forum, Groningen

At a state-of-the-art modern facility in Groningen, integrator Avex combined stunning visuals, all-encompassing audio and a flexible control system to create a versatile venue bristling with cutting edge technology. Reece Webb reports.