Ability to see through walls could help the healthcare...

In the healthcare world, the ability to see through walls, could monitor diseases and help elderly people live longer in their own homes. Using a neural network to analyse radio signals bouncing of people’s bodies, researchers have managed to create moving stick figures that mimic the person’s movements in real time.


magic table

Magic table uses interactive projection to help dementia...

Developed in the Netherlands specifically for people with dementia, the Tovertafel Magic Table is being used across Europe. It consists of a portable box which can be hung from the ceiling, which projects interactive images on to any surface below.

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LG surgical and clinical review monitors

LG enters medical market with 3 monitors

LG is targeting the medical market with three monitors: the 8MP clinical review monitor, 8MP surgical monitor and digitalised X-Ray detector (DXD) for radiography.

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