Augmented Reality Gatwick Airport North Terminal

UK's Gatwick Airport installs navigation beacons for...

Around 2000 beacons have been installed across London Gatwick Airport’s two terminals providing an indoor navigation system that enables augmented reality wayfinding for passengers.

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3 KIPC2 Portrait Kiosks with cityscape content

Peerless-AV launches indoor kiosk for slim displays

Peerless-AV has launched its Indoor Portrait Kiosk (KIPC25XX-EUK) for ultra-thin displays and touchscreen panels ranging from 40- to 55-in, and measuring less than 101mm deep.


Panel discussion: Death of hardware

TJ Adams (QSC), Kay Ohse (Kramer) and Bob Michaels (ZeeVee) debate the death of hardware. As we move towards an AV/IT world, is it inevitable software will replace the 'black boxes' so associated with the AV market in the past?

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