Shure and Q5X unveil Axient Digital-enabled wireless transmitters

Shure and Q5X have debuted a new series of Axient digital-enabled wireless transmitters, with three form factor models included with Axient digital technology: The CoachMic, PlayerMic and AquaMic.

The CoachMic features a rocker-style mute switch with digital encryption security, with the mics able to be remotely muted by audio engineers via the Q5X MicCommander. 

The PlayerMic is a flexible bodypack transmitter made in a thin, bendable, rubber design to protect users from injury if they fall on the PlayerMic and is compatible with Axient Digital transmitters. 

The AquaMic is designed for wet environments and outdoor functions, able to be fully submerged in water with rechargeable batteries providing from four up to 16 hours of battery life. 

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