RDS unveils NLT glasses-free 3D LCD displays

Review Display Systems (RDS) has introduced a range of NLT Technologies 3D LCD displays which allow 3D viewing without glasses.

The panels have diagonal measurements of 7.2", 10" and 12" and use Horizontally Double-Density Pixel (HDDP) technology with lenticular lens. This allows 2D and 3D images to be displayed simultaneously on the same screen at the same resolution by changing the image-data input.

Two-dimensional and three-dimensional images have the same brightness and same resolution. Conventional LCD modules comprise square pixels with RGB sub-pixels distributed in vertical stripes. In a conventional LCD module layout, two pixels are required to display a 3D image thus cutting the horizontal resolution in half. Using the HDDP structure, RGB sub-pixels are rotated 90 degrees and divided to achieve double-density resolution.