NewTek releases new products at NAB 2019

NewTek released an array of products, including the VMC1 integrated production system software, new Spark Plus models, TriCaster 410 Plus and updated Premium Access features for the TriCaster and VMX series'.

The software-only version of VMC 4K production software includes integrated graphics, automation, media playback, recording, streaming, transcoding and virtual sets.

The software runs on standard workstations and will be offered in configurations up to 44-input, 8 M/E, allowing users to build an IP UHD production system.

The launch comes after NewTek was recently acquired by Vizrt, in a move that combined the two companies. 

NewTek also launched two new Spark Plus models including 4K UHD and 1080p HDMI-to-NDI versions.

Spark Plus captures video from connected cameras or devices and allows it to be transported over the network as full bandwidth NDI.

The latest addition to the TriCaster production systems, the rack-mountable TriCaster 410 Plus was launched, featuring eight external inputs, four M/E’s, four mix outputs and NDI integration for video, audio and data transmission over IP.

The Tricaster 410 Plus also includes social media publishing, live streaming, multi-channel recording, vdeo playback, integrated multiviewers, graphics, compositing and virtual sets.

Premium Access is now available for TriCaster users, including Live Story Creator for the TriCaster TC1, TriCaster 410 Plus and VMC as well as older models in the TriCaster line.

Live Story Creator  is a program automation tool that uses Microsoft Word to build a script with triggers for actions, allowing users to implement shows on TriCaster or VMC products.


The latest version of Premium Access includes unlimited recording and reply with synchronisation for multi-cam editing, digital media aspect ratios and frame rates for delivery to digital screens.

The upgrade is free to subscribers of Premium Access.

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