HK Audio debuts Linear 9 point source loudspeakers

HK Audio has released its Linear 9 series loudspeaker systems, comprising three loudspeaker models and two subwoofer models.

The flagship model of the Linear 9 range, the 210 LTA loudspeaker is an integrated and scalable constant curvature point source speaker with long throw abilities. The speaker provides 60 degrees x 25 degrees sound dispersion above 1.35 kHz, able to be rotated by 90 degrees.

The 210 LTA can be used individually for pintpoint coverage of even distant areas or as a horizontal cluster in large venues, tents or open-air events.

The Linear 9 110 XA and 112 XA feature the same DSP controller as the 210 LTA model, designed to serve as low-profile stage monitors, as a small front of house system on a tripod, as front fills, flown in a rig or as a mid-high units combination with subwoofers.

All loudspeaker models share the same type of digital controller, providing a range of remote control functions such as grouping, volume control, 10-band EQ, limiter, delay and full networkability. The ‘DSP-Out’ feature is available on each Linear 9 model, enabling loudspeakers without built-in controllers to be fully integrated in a Linear 9 network.

The loudspeakers are supported by the 118 sub A subwoofer and the larger 118 Sub BA subwoofer, featuring a band-pass design for an extended bass range and a higher SPL. Both models are tuned to allow simultaneous use.

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