Dahua debuts TMAC temperature monitoring control system

Dahua has unveiled its temperature monitoring access control (TMAC) system, capable of scanning workers and customers for high body temperatures associated with Covid-19 and to control space access according to a pre-set number of visitors on premises.

The TMAC is a contactless system, combining a camera with temperature and facial recognition technology with a seven-in touchscreen display built into a terminal which can be wall mounted or housed in a custom floor or turnstile stand. 

The TMAC terminals can process facial images with 99% accuracy, measuring temperatures to 0.3 degrees Celsius resolution in 0.2 seconds. 

Data from each terminal is fed via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, DSS Express software and NVR to a local reference database, with users able to choose the rules of access. 

The system includes a multi-layer authentication system to make temperature a single access test, with bolt on facemask detection and a customer flow limiting feature. 

Facial ID or ID cards can also be checked, with TMAC able to integrate with in-house video displays to notify security staff of individuals tripping the system. 

The system can also be used for automatic registration and user ID or to identify workers and visitors within a building in the event of an emergency. 

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