D.A.S. launches Aero 20A compact line array

D.A.S. has unveiled its Aero 20A compact powered line array system.

It incorporates D.A.S.´s latest technical achievements in transducer design, power electronics and system management. The Aero 20A incorporates a D.A.S. 12” loudspeaker optimised to provide high output and reliability.

A light aluminium voice coil bonded to a fiberglass reinforced cone, an optimised magnet circuit, and a new suspension design, have contributed to the performance of the 12AN4 in terms of distortion, power handling and maximum SPL.

D.A.S. says the 12AN4´s voice coil venting scheme is particularly effective in dissipating voice coil heat providing the speaker with a high thermal rating and low power compression.

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