Coda Audio launches new installation amplifier at ISE 2024

Coda Audio has released its Linus6.4-iD installation amplifier, using proprietary Class D amplifier technology.

The Linus6.4-iD drives the majority of Coda’s family of loudspeakers, with the exception of line arrays and sensor-controlled subwoofers, and can be controlled by Linus Control, accessing full network control and monitoring over Ethernet.

The four channel DSP networkable amplifier can be controlled via the Linus app which allows full control from a mobile device using its built-in Wi-Fi hotspot.

The amplifier delivers 4x1500W of power in a 19-in/1U form factor, using Class D power stages with DC-coupled DACs alongside a SMPS with PFC to provide minimal thermal dissipation.

The PCB layout design of the amplifier integrates DSP, four amplifiers, and SMPS on a single PCB for improved sound quality, control and protection.

The Linus 6.4-iD features selectable inputs, enabling users to choose between analogue, LiNET, Dante and route to any of the four outputs via the input matrix.

Audio algorithms can be integrated via the amplifier’s DSP processor, including phase linear DS-FIR filters.

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