Biamp launches Tesira 2.0

Biamp Systems launched Tesira 2.0, the latest version of its family of digital signal processor (DSP)-based media systems at ISE 2014.

The highlight of the newversion was the addition of TesiraFORTÉ, a series of audio processors designedto extend Audio Video Bridging (AVB) to application-specific settings.


TesiraFORTÉ consists ofeight preconfigured models (four AVB models and four non-AVB models) designedto bring greater simplicity and more options to today’s conferencing,telephony, and VoIP environments.


Biamp has also announcedthe Dante-enabled DAN-1 digital server networking card, which, like its currentCobraNet card, functions as a gateway interface tosupport 64x64 channels of Dante networked audio.

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