AMX updates RPM configuration tool

AMX has updated its Rapid Project Maker (RPM) cloud-based configuration tool in a bid to simplify the commissioning of Harman AV and control devices.

In version 2.5 configuration can occur within RPM’s new HTML5-based Configuration Manager tool. 

It allows the use of the BSS BLU-103 Conferencing Processor in RPM-controlled spaces without the use of HiQnet Audio Architect software. Once the RPM program is deployed to the room system, integrators can make any necessary adjustments to the audio settings on the BSS BLU-103 via an HTML5-based configuration page. 

The company has also announced version 2.6 that adds support for more audio, video and control devices, including support for audio devices such the AMX Alero Web Conferencing Mixer as well as network or serial-controlled amplifiers. 

Initially, the release will support the AMX SV-AMP-1 amplifier with support for Crown amplifiers promised in the future.

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