Woven screens made from OLED thread

Woven screens made from OLED thread
Wearable displays could soon be woven out of OLED fibres after a research team in Korea succeeded in fabricating OLEDs on an ultra-thin fibre.

Professor Kyung Cheol Choi, from the School of Electrical Engineering at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST), and his team made the breakthrough. They believe that the technology, which produces high-efficiency, long-lasting OLEDs, can be used in wearable displays.

The OLED fibres can be woven into textiles and knitted clothes and can withstand tensile strains of up to 4.3% while retaining more than 90% of their efficiency. Fibres can be thinner than a human hair.

Professor Choi said: “Existing fiber-based wearable displays had limitations for applicability due to their low performance. However, this technology can fabricate OLEDs with high performance on fibers. This simple, low-cost process opens a way to commercialize fiber-based wearable displays.” 

This research led by a PhD candidate Seonil Kwon was published online in the international journal for nanoscience, Nano Letters, on December 6.


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