VC art installation opens portals between cities

VC art installation opens portals between cities
A new immersive art installation pushes the boundaries of video conferencing, connecting passers-by in two European cities through 'always on' videoconferencing technology.

The installation, called pOrtal, is an 11-ton outdoor video art installation, designed to ‘unite people across time and space’ through a live broadcast from the streets of the installation’s two locations.

Reminiscent of classic tech from the sci-fi franchise Stargate, the connection spans between Lublin, Poland, and Vilnius, Lithuania, allowing pedestrians can see and interact with users (without audio) on the other side in real time.

The impressive setup uses Collaboration Squared’s Video Window, an immersive, always-on video conferencing portal that is designed to extend physical space for inter-office and remote workers, used with pOrtal’s 24x7 connection between residents of two European cities who can see and interact with each other through body language and expression through the portal via a live broadcast.

Daryl Hutchings, CEO, Collaboration Squared, commented: “With our shared vision of improving human connection, we are working with pOrtal to unite people by powering the technology and developing enterprise partnerships with organizations that share this transformative vision. We have one single aim: to help people everywhere feel connected.

“Video Window has been successful in uniting the hybrid office, removing physical boundaries and helping remote workers stay in touch. Now, we get to use our technology to touch the hearts and minds of people in new ways across the globe.”

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