Collaboration Squared launches Video Window Remote for hybrid working

Collaboration Squared has introduced Video Window Remote for iOS and Android to compliment its Video Window Office service.

Video Window Remote for iOS and Android ensures that all remote workers have the same connection with their colleagues, whether on-the-go or in different locations, equalising their status with their in-office colleagues.

Collaboration Squared launches Video Window Remote for hybrid working

Privacy and safeguarding features in place include;

No guest access - Only registered, authenticated users and devices within their organization can access a Video Window group, reducing the risk of 'videobombing'.
Audio off default - Each device connected to the Video Window group has the local microphone and speaker muted by default meaning no accidental conversations can be heard. When they do join the audio, only the devices that have joined can hear each other, not the others in the group. And there’s also fail-safe “auto-off” timer
Video off default and video toggle - Remote users have a video toggle, set to the off position the app starts, this means they can see the status of everyone connected to the system, but they can’t see the far side video feed, and far side devices can't see them. When the remote user toggles the video on, this enables the webcam and starts the incoming video feed too. So, they always know when they are on camera and can toggle this feed off at any time.
Remote users shown in small circles - Office devices are shown as squares and when no one is on the audio, we show one office device full screen to feel immersed with that physical space and rotate this every 30 minutes. However, the remote users are shown in small circles so not too overbearing and a remote user is only shown in the large part of the screen when they join audio, as soon as they leave the audio, they return to the small circle.
Scheduled sleep mode - Outside of the hours they schedule, the individual’s device will automatically go into sleep mode turning off all media in all directions. 
Reduced video fatigue - By having Video Window to the side of their computer - not directly face-on, so it doesn’t require remote workers full attention and means far less video fatigue. It's there to glance over as and when they want to. 

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