Technology set to rescue “disappointing” Olympic stadium

AUTHOR: Inavate

A kilometre-long video screen, wrapped around the main stadium at the London Olympics, has been mooted as a way to rival the visually stunning Beijing games.The UK's Guardian newspaper reported that the stadium’s architect, Rod Sheard, is pushing for the screen, pinpointing digital technology as the best way to further the Olympic tradition.

The stadium design attracted criticism when it was unveiled on November 7, 2007, with architects and columnists lamenting the final plans as a far cry from more extravagant suggestions. One ditched proposal included an exterior to the stadium that would resemble the petals of a flower.

After the splendour of the Beijing games, embarrassed Olympic officials now appear to be turning to new technologies in a desperate attempt to rescue a design dubbed as disappointing and rudimentary.

However, with a £496m (€617m) budget to build the entire stadium it remains to be seen whether plans for the 1km screen will ever be realised.