Studios de France creates first virtual production studio in Europe with Sony Crystal LED

Studios de France creates first virtual production studio in Europe with Sony Crystal LED
Sony has joined forces with Plateau Virtuel (virtual production studio, subsidiary of the Novelty-Magnum-Dushow Group) and Studios de France (a set provider for broadcasting) to create the first virtual studio with a 90m² Sony Crystal LED B-series screen (18m wide x 5m high) in Seine Saint Denis, north of Paris, France.

This project will deliver image quality for producers and cinematographers alike, as Sony Crystal LED display technology is combined with the VENICE camera capture technology.

“Our virtual production offering offers a unique image quality, unmatched to date. We are delighted to open, with Plateau Virtuel and Studios de France, the first studio in Europe that will host creators and productions using Crystal LED technology on a wall of exceptional dimensions,” commented Fabien Pisano, Sales Director, Media Solutions, Sony Europe.  

In a 700m2 set in the Studios de Lendit near Paris, stands the first European Sony’s 90m2 Crystal LED screen intended for quality virtual production on an international scale. This curved screen measuring 18 metres wide and 5 meters high, is composed of 450 'assortments' each including a combination of 8 LED modules.

“It’s a screen that took 15 days to assemble, working with the Sony teams. Most studio screens are placed on the ground, for us it was important to have a suspended structure in order to be able to slide floors underneath, be they LED or other kinds of floors. We also have an LED ceiling that allows us to do integration if necessary,” says Bruno Corsini, technical director of Plateau Virtuel.

“The project was born after filming a campaign for the European Space Agency in virtual production using the VENICE camera. The production was good but Plateau Virtuel wanted to go even further, that’s where the discussion began. How to take virtual production to a higher level in terms of reproduction but also in terms of quality on set?” says Fabien Pisano, sales director, Media Solutions, Sony Europe.

With the Crystal LED/VENICE technology tandem, Sony offers the best possible combination for image quality. In addition to the ability to bring the camera very close to the screen without a moiré effect, and the consistency of the color spaces of capture (VENICE) and display (Crystal LED), this combination is widely acclaimed by all market experts and industry professionals.

“We are the only company in the world to supply LED panels and cinema cameras. We know each technical specification and know how to best use it. In order to maximise the potential of these two solutions, the engineering teams developed and designed each of them in close collaboration,” adds Yasuharu Nomura, general manager, VP Business Department, Sony Corporation.

“In all the exchanges with Sony, we gave them very precise specifications. And during the tests we were able to do, we worked directly with Sony technicians both on the hardware and the software. They accompanied us on many tests. Today, we have developed a whole synchronisation system with the Sony VENICE camera,” says Bruno Corsini, technical director of Plateau Virtuel.

This brand-new studio, intended for premium film and audiovisual production, is also intended to support television production, opening up new possibilities for Studios de France.

“Our idea was this “lab platform” or the ability to be able to respond to all types of requests. It is this technical curiosity that has also made the success of our company. And if in addition, we associate with this “lab” side a brand like Sony and partners like Plateau Virtuel, we bring in a unique dynamic and we hope to have positive outcomes. We already have some, if only in terms of satisfaction of the first users,” said Igor Tregarot, deputy general manager, AMP Visual TV, which owns Studios de France.