‘Space bubble’ socially distanced concert goes ahead

‘Space bubble’ socially distanced concert goes ahead
US rock band The Flaming Lips piloted a socially-distanced concert concept by sealing the band and guests in individual ‘space bubbles’, isolating every attendee with a high frequency supplemental speaker.

The gigs, undertaken in Oklahoma, USA, featured 100 bubbles, capable of holding three people per bubble with a built-in high frequency supplemental speaker to prevent sound being muffled. A complimentary water bottle is also provided, alongside a battery-operated fan and towel for attendee comfort during the show.

The bubbles can hold enough oxygen for three people to breathe for over an hour and 10 minutes before being refreshed, with the provided towel used to wipe away condensation. Attendees are not required to wear face masks inside the bubbles, with attendees socially distanced with masks until safely sealed within the bubbles.

A “I gotta go pee/hot in here” sign is also provided, which venue staff can use to escort attendees to a bathroom (once masked up and out of the bubble) and providing cool air inside the bubble with a leaf blower and fan.

At the end of the concert, attendees roll their bubbles to the exit door where they are required to re-attach masks before unzipping and leavening the venue.

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