Sound systems: engineering or art?

Sound systems: engineering or art?
The Institute of Acoustics has announced the theme and title of its 27th Reproduced Sound conference.

The event, titled ‘Sound Systems: engineering or art?’ will take place at the Brighton Thistle Hotel from November 16th - 18th 2011 in southern England.

Organised by the Institute of Acoustics (IOA) in collaboration with the ISCE, AES, ABTT and APRS, the conference covers: sound for sport; innovation in loudspeaker and amplifier design; applications of network/streamed audio; room design and venue acoustics; quality and intelligibility.

The conference turns its attention to the design of sound equipment/systems and defining and solving technical problems, plus the very process of design itself. Paul Malpas, event chairman, says: “We will look at how design and consultancy methods are used to tease out the real requirements of functionality and performance, and how these are organised into base needs, progressive innovations and aspirations for future developments.”

Full details on how to book your place are available now from the IoA website.