Solotech handles staggering AVL installation for ABBA Voyage

Solotech handles staggering AVL installation for ABBA Voyage
Solotech drew on its live production experience to deliver audio, video and lighting systems for the ABBA Voyage show in London.

The hotly anticipated show opened in a purpose-built arena designed by Stufish Entertainment Architects at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on May 26.

Solotech worked under the direction of director Baillie Walsh, working alongside Aniara’s technical producer Nick Levitt and technical director Joe Frisina, and collaborating with concert producers Svana Gisla and Ludvig Andersson, Industrial Light and Magic (ILM,) and Tetro and Greenwall’s Fredrik Stormby to provide audio, lighting, and video solutions. Scott Willsallen from Auditoria supervised the audio elements of the show, with VYV Photon servers specified and programmed by Anthony “Bez” Bezencon.

Working in close collaboration with ABBA’s production team, Ian “Woody” Woodall, Solotech UK’s director of special projects, led the project, with Paul “Macca” McCauley overseeing the installation of the rental equipment in the venue, and serving as the host to technical demos of the system in the many months leading up to the show. Solotech’s Robin Conway oversaw audio, Oli James handled lighting and Alex Mulrenan managed video and cameras.

Solotech was chosen to help the team realise the transformation from the video performance footage to the physical space.

State-of-the-art equipment was chosen from manufacturers, including ROE, VYV, Robe and L-Acoustics to augment the filmed performance footage with technology used throughout the venue. The show features one of the largest installations of ROE Black Pearl v2 LED screens, driven by Brompton 4K Tessera SX40 LED processors. It is one of the tallest installations of Black Pearl screens, standing 19 tiles high. Solotech also coordinated the supply of Solotech’s Service+ real-time, managed services software platform.

Woody said: “This project has been special as we’ve spent two years of our lives working on it. It is the most technically complicated and challenging project I have ever been involved in. This is proven by the fact that everyone who has been there cannot find the words to describe it. The technical elements of the show have been virtually flawless from the rehearsals through to opening night on a show that is breaking new ground. These are accomplishments that we are extremely proud of.”

Photo by Johan Persson