Softil debuts annual telecoms outlook 2021

Softil debuts annual telecoms outlook 2021
IP communications technology provider, Softil, released its annual outlook for the telecoms industry in 2021, predicting five major developments in the coming year, including advances in video communication technology to more progress in telehealth communications and innovation in the hosting of virtual events.

Video communications 

Softil identifies a videoconferencing as a focused activity which requires preparation, proper setting, scheduling and more. The company expects videoconferencing to become easier to use in 2021 with enhanced security measures. 

The EU-sponsored AMI Project, which harnesses metadata, established during a call, to fully analyse the dynamics of conversation for dominance and other characteristics. 

Use of AR, VR and mixed reality (MR) could become the subject of widespread research and innovation throughout 2021, which could see companies building virtual walls of presence enacted between offices, allowing people to meet for coffee without the need to travel. 

Virtual events 

While physical events are unlikely to disappear, Softil envisages videoconferencing as the way that industry executives will meet for the majority of 2021 and potentially beyond, with Softil urging exhibition organisers of the need to embrace virtual offerings for events. 

The challenges are not understated, as Softil reported that replicating the same experience for attendees in a virtual environment can be more difficult, prompting questions of virtual booths, making eye contact and gauging interest as areas of challenge which could see innovation in the virtual exhibition space in 2021. 


Telemedicine has evolved to become a commonly used tool for healthcare practitioners to help patients without risk of catching Covid-19. Softil identifies that existing telemedicine capabilities are still limited in standard patient visits and consist primarily of a basic conversation. On the other hand, the capabilities of existing smartphones and smart watches allows access to a variety of health care data at any time, with Softil arguing that the technology should be coupled with emerging telehealth applications in transmitting health data measurements, analysis and alerts. 

Automatic translation

With automatic translation systems available for books, articles and website online, Softil identifies the next development as a box to speak in to which instantly translates speech into a foreign language or your choosing. 

In the report Softil said: “Think about being on a conference call where everything you say is instantly translated and captioned to every participant in their native language. Imagine such automatic translation in the format of the telehealth or virtual banking visits – the possibilities are endless, and we expect to see new applications emerging in 2021 in the instant translation space.” 

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