Smart contact lens displays AR information without a screen

Smart contact lens displays AR information without a screen
Having access to a world of information at the palm of your hand has revolutionised the way we live, but there’s no question that screens and handheld devices can leave users detached from real world situations. But what if we could access to data and information not just at the palm of your hand, but by the retina of your eye?

Tech startup Mojo Vision has developed a ‘smart’ contact lens that features a built-in display to provide relevant augmented reality information in a user’s eyeline without the distraction of a screen.

The lens uses a display, reportedly the size of a grain of sand to project images onto the human retina, capable of displaying statistics such as health tracking, translation and other feeds of data. 

The device can also be used to enable step by step directions while walking, information for replacing complex parts of machinery or display talking points for a presentation without using a handheld device that can distract from the flow of natural conversation or work. 

Augmented reality devices have been in development for several years, with Inavate reporting on the development of a prototype AR contact lens at CES 2014.

Mojo Vision built its own wireless protocol and a wireless link between the smart lens and other wearable accessories, connecting to a mobile device or the cloud to access additional information. 

The technology is still in development, with Mojo Vision aiming to develop an ‘all-day’ battery life for the device. 

In a demonstration for BBC Click, heart rate and speed data were shown, with information still visible when the user shuts their eyes due to the lens sitting beneath the eyelid.

Users with prescriptions for eyesight difficulties can have the prescription built into the contact lens to allow for clear vision while wearing the lens. 
The lens, once removed from the eye, is stored in a cleaning case that also charges the battery of the device. 

An additional lens is in development by Mojo Vision which reportedly features night vision and edge detection capabilities.

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