Silk will cut cost of flexi display production

Silk will cut cost of flexi display production
A technique for producing flexible electronic devices using liquid silk membranes has been discovered by researchers at a University in Taiwan. Researchers at Tsing Hua University in Hsinchu claim silk represents a cost-effective material that could be used for flexible e-book readers and LED displays. There are even claims the material could improve the speed and performance of a device’s transistors.

According to the IDG news service the university researchers have already embarked on talks with manufacturers with a view to product development.

Engineering professor, Hwang Jenn-Chang worked with two post-graduate research students to turn liquid silk into membranes that work as insulators for flexible thin-film transistors.

IDG news claimed that the material would cost about NT$10 (€0.2) per device.

[Via PC World]

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