Shure launches integrated systems certification program

Shure launches integrated systems certification program
Shure has launchded the new Shure Audio Institute (SAI) Integrated Systems Certification program.

The scheme is to ensure customers are equipped with an understanding of general audio topics, plus the practical skillsets required to navigate this sector.

The free Integrated Systems Certification program is aimed at new and existing Shure customers and is open to anyone looking to gain sales and technical knowledge in Shure products, enabling them to more effectively manage client situations.

The Integrated Systems Certification program supports the implementation of Shure products globally through training, education, and certification. In addition, it ensures that Shure distribution centres and channel partners have the up-to-date knowledge required to buy, resell, and technically support Shure products in the Integrated Systems market, elevating capabilities and the confidence of end users.

These courses are now available and can be accessed via local Shure websites. Online courses are currently available in English, however all courses will be adapted for multilingual use in the near future.

All upcoming dates for SAI courses in the UK and Ireland can be found on the Shure website.

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