Saville breaks new ground on services

Systems integrator Saville Audio Visual has introduced a new portfolio of AV services.

The portfolio comprises a comprehensive range of professional services - from systems design and project management to contract maintenance and managed video conferencing services in the cloud.

The major new addition is a range of bespoke AV training courses, designed and delivered in partnership with training industry leaders N-vest. The initiative coincides with the publication of the latest edition of Communicate, the 136-page AV solutions brochure evolved from the Saville Catalogue, published annually since 1989.

Saville sales and marketing director Ed Everard said: “It’s claimed that many AV and IT systems are only being used at around 30% of their capacity. We believe our unique resource of knowledge and experience can improve that - by delivering services of real value to customers at every level – and especially through professionally delivered product training.”

N-vest MD, Pip Thomas, supports his view: “Millions of pounds are wasted every year on technology that is under-used or worse, not used at all. The success of any AV investment depends on end user buy-in and engagement, so we’re pleased to work with Saville to address this. Getting employees to embrace technology?that changes their current working practices is challenging, but essential if the organisation is to benefit in real terms from its investment.”