Saville AV hosts telepresence suite open evening

Saville AV hosts telepresence suite open evening
Geny Caloisi reports for InAVate from the official opening of Saville AV’s new London video communications demonstration suite.

Saville Audio Visual has opened a new telepresence suit in the city. Located within the MWB Business Exchange, in Old Broad Street, the company is expecting to attract new business from the city and show them what a truly immersive telepresence experience is all about.
Designed to have up to six people around the table, the room uses Polycom’s ATX telepresence engine, cameras and microphones. Three 60" HD screens in a veneered telepresence credenza, three Dell touch screen content monitors and a touch screen controller. The meeting table has recessed plug-in sockets to connect other devices if needed.

Saville installed the integrated system and manufactured the furniture and complete bespoke environment, including lighting, credenza and acoustic panel on the rear wall.
Last year Saville set up a telepresence room in York and for the premier of the city’s ‘twin’ (although not identical) room the two cities were connected.

The quality of the image and the fluidity of the sound were good, although we experienced some pixilation due to a poor connection over the public internet.

The MWB telepresence suit is catered for remotely by Saville and can be rented for a full day or on three-hour slots. The bookings are managed by MWB.

The cost of fully integrated telepresence room like this is of around £150,000 according to Saville’s Jeremy Cussons, who was leading the demo. But the deal here is: MWB provided the space and Saville the technology and expertise. It is a partnership but it is not clear whether there will be direct financial gains for Saville from renting the facilities.

Darren Pit, Head of Business Services at Saville says, "This is most definitely a growing market with substantial growth predicted over the next two years. Our clients are increasingly coming to us with requests based around their infrastructure and a range of endpoint solutions, especially in the custom video space."

Cussons explains, "The room will be used primarily as demonstration facility in order for us to show clients the capabilities of a state-of-the-art bespoke custom telepresence environment and how it can benefit their business. The centre is also available for hire, in partnership with MWB, for clients wishing to make telepresence and standard video calls when hiring a meeting room."