Samsung to turn smartwatch into projector

Samsung to turn smartwatch into projector
Korean tech giant Samsung has a filed at the US Patent's Office for smartwatch technology that would project a user interface onto the wearer's hand, wrist or forearm.

Samsung is applying for a patent that would project a wearable's interface on any surface you wanted.

Samsung wants to use use sensors to detect interactions which take place outside of the hand or wrist.  There is a possibility it could detect the geometry of a hand to adapt the interface to that area.

The patent doesn't limit the device's use to just projections on the user's wrist or arm.  It also shows the technology being used with head-mounted displays (like a VR or AR headset), which could project images onto surrounding surfaces.

It could then be used to create a mix between virtual reality and the user's natural environment, similar to Microsoft's upcoming Hololens system.