RGB announces 2008 training schedule

RGB announces 2008 training schedule
RGB i-School, a dedicated, state of the art training and demonstration centre for RGB Communication’s commercial and residential customers has announced its programme of courses available for the remainder of the year.

All courses are supplied free of charge at the RGB Communications offices in Hungerford, Berkshire and to date more than 2,400 delegates have benefited from the specialist technical product and programming training.

RGB Communications is the leading UK technical trade distributor of audio visual connectivity, control and presentation products for commercial and residential markets. Managing Director, Caroline Britt says, “We are committed to providing high quality products and services. By working with our customers, we are able to provide accessible information and training, which hopefully not only meets, but exceeds our customers expectations.”

i-School training courses range from basic one day introductory courses to three day programming courses for more complex control systems:

AMX Essentials – 2 day course
7-8 April, 2-3 June, 7-8 July, 4-5 August, 2-3 September, 1-2 October, 3-4 November, 1-2 December

Provides sales and technical personnel with an introduction to control systems and a good knowledge of AMX products. Enables AMX systems to be designed, specified and sold effectively.

AMX Programmer I – basic to intermediate. 3 day course starter course
4-6 June, 6-8 August, 15-17 October

Provides technical staff with an introduction to AMX control system programming using Touch Panel Designer and NetLinx Studio software. A basic understanding of AMX hardware and networking is required.

AMX Programmer II – 3 day course
Dates to be confirmed. Please telephone 0844 8800790 for details.

For programmers and technical support personnel, focussing on intermediate techniques for programming an AMX control system. AMX Programmer I has to be completed before attending this course.

ClearOne Technical and Product Specialist – 2 day course
3 April, 10 June, 15 July, 12 August, 16 September, 14 October, 11 November, 9 December

This provides an overview of all ClearOne products and a guide to the installation and configuration of installed products.

Lighting Control and Lutron Homeworks - 1 day course
11 June, other dates to be confirmed. To register an interest, telephone 0844 8800790

Introduction to the complete range of Lutron lighting control systems and products.

Multi-Media Signal Distribution - 1 day course
27 March, 17 April, 23 June, 26 August

Gain a comprehensive insight and knowledge on Minicom’s cutting edge, market leading Digital Signage extension solutions. Extensive and hands-on training will be provided for all available versions, from short range video only up to fibre optical applications.

Networking/WiFi – 1 day course
13 March, 21 April, 17 July, 10 September, 13 November

Provides an introduction to Ethernet wired networks and WiFi wireless networks. Suitable for technical people wishing to learn how to set up such networks for AV systems using AMX products.

Projectiondesign Certified product Specialist (CPS) Program – 2 day course
Dates to be confirmed. Please telephone 0844 8800790 for details.

Provides specialist knowledge, training and up to the minute information on projectiondesign’s comprehensive range of products, technologies, philisophies and business practices. Certification is available at three levels – silver, gold and platinum.

Rack Build and Design – 1 day course
20 March, 22 April, 19 June, 24 July, 21 August, 18 September, 21 October, 18 November

Provides installers with the skills to design, build and wire a rack to meet users expectations.

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