Retop goes for record with 9,500m² LED

Retop goes for record with 9,500m² LED
Shenzhen Retop LED Display Company provided a huge 9,500m² LED screen for the opening ceremony of the Shanghai World Expo.

On May 1, 2010 heads of state and visitors from around the world gathered at the Expo Park to witness the opening of the massive event that incorporates the word’s largest trade fair.

Retop, was the 2010 World Expo LED display official supplier and sponsor, and will enter the display into the Guinness World Records, hoping to be crowned the supplier of the largest LED display.

The huge display worked for around two hours and was designed and erected in just three months.
Retop adopted a net structure, with each cluster connected by flexible cables at a pixel pitch of 150mm, to reduce wind drag. Furthermore the company implemented a specially-designed power chip in each cluster so the power was evenly distributed throughout the long flow. The data connection was also simplified using one cable and snap-fit mounting mode.

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