Renkus-Heinz announces More Distribution as Netherlands pro audio partner

Michal Poplawski mug
Michael Poplawski, technical sales manager, Renkus-Heinz

More Distribution has been announced as Renkus-Heinz’s Netherlands distributor for pro audio products, hosting an event on 27 Jan to showcase Renkus Heinz products and applications to customers.

More Distribution will stock Renkus-Heinz’s digitally steerable products, including the Directivity series’ DC12/2 which has an app-based setup option, the ICLive X series which includes a medium-format, steerable line array system able to be arrayed up to 12 cabinet units tall. 

Michael Poplawski, technical sales manager, Renkus-Heinz, said: “The new offerings mean we can integrate better experiences at more types of business — including corporate, retail, recreation and the small-to-medium sized businesses that may have previously assumed digitally steerable sound was not available to them. The Netherlands will also see an increased level of quality, scalability and flexibility in its rental, live performance, and larger installations thanks to this partnership.”