ProVision gets 3D kiosk and vending market

ProVision 3D media will push 3D technology into the kiosk and vending market following approval of several pending patents in the US.

The company received a new Notice of Allowance by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for its 3D holographic product, known as “HoloVision.” The patent, originally filed in 2005, is titled “System and Method for Dispensing Consumer Products” and protects vending machines and product-dispensing kiosks when integrated with Provision’s 3D displays.

“Imagine a 3D person greeting you when you conduct an ATM transaction or being able to have a 3D view of a product before you buy it. This patent allows us to control that experience in this growing market,” said Curt Thornton, CEO of Provision. “We’re extremely excited about the approval of this patent as it protects the company’s key business model of integrating 3D displays into customer-centric kiosks, vending machines, or any devices that dispense products and services.”